River Music River Music

Cayuga Lake Books, 2020

Slick What Can You Do

Cayuga Lake Books, 2014

Slick Slick

Cayuga Lake Books, 2012

The Storms of May The Storms of May

Ontario Press Review, 2005

A Garden of Demons A Garden of Demons

Ontario Press Review, 2003

Shadows and Elephants Shadows and Elephants

Leapfrog Press, 2002

Queen of The Silver Dollar Queen of The Silver Dollar

The Permanent Press, 1997

Night Train Blues Night Train Blues

The Permanent Press, 1996

The Pomegranate Princess and Other Tales from India The Pomegranate Princess

R.B.S.A. Publishers, 1988

Wolf Tickets Wolf Tickets

Viking Penguin, 1986

The New Life Hotel The New Life Hotel

Avon Books, 1980